75+ Lenders Seamlessly Integrated into POS and LOS

Say goodbye to pricing loans the old fashioned way

A desktop showing the loan pipeline on the Sonar loan origination system

All Your Origination Needs in One System

No need to pay for multiple subscriptions with different vendors. Your Sonar PPE is seamlessly integrated into the LOS and POS to support best in class experience for your team and clients. Access accurate pricing directly from the Sonar platform and stop searching for rates elsewhere.

A side-by-side comparison of the POS system fully integrated into the loan origination system

Custom Pricing Parameters

Stay ahead of the mortgage industry with loan pricing software that takes into account essential factors to determine highly accurate pricing options without toggling between software. With a fully integrated system, you can easily configure custom parameters to meet your unique business needs and scale your business further.

A mobile device showing how pricing is determined through the LOS platform

Generate Proposals

Automatically create and send proposals to clients with pricing and fees on multiple loan types within seconds. Borrowers can easily compare accurate interest rates & loan terms and select the loan option that’s right for them, increasing your conversion rates.

Digital checkout

Fully Digital Checkout

Power a fully digital checkout experience for your clients including rate lock feature, instant pre-approval, and loan selection from anywhere and on any device.

Sonar vs Traditional Pricing Engines

Features Other LOS solutions Supports pricing from majority of lenders 75+ lenders Less than 10 lenders Integrated in current LOS Integrated in current POS Consolidating lender pricing in one system One monthly subscription Customers can lock their own rate Powerfully digital mortgage Instant rate refreshes Implementation fees Free $500-$25,000+ Set up time A day Weeks or Months Fully configurable No lag Lightning Fast Real time technology
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