Manage your relationships effortlessly with our all-in-one, integrated CRM system

Automated Marketing Campaigns
Referral Partner Tracking
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Fully Integrated with LOS + POS

Streamline the process end-to-end by combining LOS and POS technology with your CRM to create the complete mortgage origination platform. Improve workflows, ensure consistency, identify new opportunities, and win more business.


Keep Track of Your Referral Sources

Figuring out your relationships is now easier than ever with our fully integrated mortgage CRM software. Originators can easily add new referral sources and get insights into existing referral sources. Sonar automatically distributes referrals to your team for seamless lead management.


Manage Your Clients with Ease

Never let a potential sale fall through the cracks again. Your new leads become new contacts seamlessly and keeping track of your existing clients is easier than ever. Identify new opportunities if rates fall, and even remember big dates in your clients life. Earn more business and create lifelong clients.


Send Loan Milestone Emails

Keep all parties related to your transaction in the loop when a loan progresses to a new milestone. Clients love tracking the progress of their loan, and automated emails to referral sources helps build long-term trust.


Automated Marketing (Coming Soon)

Build out custom marketing workflows to increase conversion rates and capture more leads. Automatically send personalized and branded emails or call prospects more efficiently using customizable prompts and scripts. Create meaningful points of communication without ever having to think about it.

Features Other LOS solutions Built by originators Integrated in current POS Integrated in current LOS One view for contacts and loans Organized address book Streamlined loan updates Multi-player experience Implementation fees Free $500-$25,000+ Set up time A day Weeks or Months Real time technology Fully configurable Fully white-labeled Your branding, our technology Dark mode
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