Pioneering the future of mortgages.

At Sonar, we're more than just a mortgage tech company. We're a team of mortgage originators who have lived and breathed the industry for over two decades. We've experienced first-hand the challenges our customers face, and have dedicated ourselves to creating solutions that simplify their lives.

Mortgage originators pioneering the future of mortgages
Mortgage software interface built by originators, for originators

Built by mortgage originators, for mortgage originators

We've designed our software with the originator in mind, focusing on making their lives as easy as possible. By understanding the ins and outs of the mortgage industry, we can truly cater to our customers' needs.

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Our unwavering mission

Our goal is to revolutionize the mortgage industry by providing cutting-edge infrastructure to companies of all sizes, from small brokerages to large lenders. We believe that consumers expect fully digital and delightful experiences, and obtaining a mortgage should be no different. Originators who don't adapt to these evolving preferences risk being left behind.

That's why we've created a complete mortgage origination stack that's ready to deploy right out of the box. It's fully configurable, easy to implement, and just works!


Powerful investment support

We're proud to be backed by leading venture capital funds and the founders of innovative companies


Join us as we revolutionize the mortgage industry

If you're passionate about revolutionizing the mortgage industry and want to be part of our journey, please email or get in touch!

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