Backed by the power of Sonar LOS, mortgage lenders can streamline their processes and improve overall efficiency. Sonar LOS complements the entire mortgage pipeline, from initial contact to closing.

But how does it compare to similar loan origination systems on the market? This post will look closer at Sonar LOS and its competition.

The Need for a Modern LOS Solution

If your team still relies on legacy loan origination software, you're at a disadvantage with every loan. These systems lack automation, cohesion with other software, and flexibility.

For instance, information has to transfer from your LOS to your point-of-sale system (POS) and vice versa. Manually moving data brings a host of problems, including more errors. Humans naturally make mistakes, and those errors multiply with a traditional LOS.

By contrast, modern software like Sonar eliminates manual data entry and helps the rest of your operations.

Key Features of Sonar LOS

Sonar LOS comes with powerful features:

Point of Sale System Integration

With Sonar, your POS system is integrated with your LOS. All information is automatically synced across the same platform, reducing the chances of data conflicts while saving time.

Integrated Pricing Engine

Sonar's product pricing engine (PPE) is fully integrated with its LOS and POS. The software interacts without friction, making it easy for your team to price its loans. The PPE includes instant rate refreshes and consolidated pricing from multiple lenders. It can also generate proposals in seconds.

Mobile Accessibility

Sonar works perfectly on your phone, a feature beloved by modern borrowers. They can apply for loans, upload documents, and check their status no matter where they are. The same mobile accessibility applies to the backend as well, so your team can work on the go.

Customizable Workflows

You follow your own routine and can make it easier with Sonar's customizable workflows. This powerful feature lets you automate multi-step processes.

Security and Reliability

You can feel safe handling data with Sonar. We follow industry-standard security protocols, protecting your information through encryption, regular audits, and more.

How Sonar LOS Compares to the Competition

Sonar isn't the only LOS option on the market, but it is one of the most versatile. Here's how our Loan Origination System compares to other popular LOS vendors:

los comparison chart

Benefits of Choosing Sonar LOS Over Other Options

You should choose Sonar’s LOS system over its competitors for many reasons.

  1. Enhanced user experience for loan officers and mortgage brokers

Sonar LOS was designed for mortgage professionals, offering a simple setup packed with advanced features. The learning curve is minimal, which means you can get to work right away, and you're free to customize your workflow to suit your exact needs.

  1. Improved efficiency in loan origination processes

Sonar boosts productivity by smoothing out your workflow. Eliminating manual work and adding automated tasks gives your team more time to focus on bigger tasks.

  1. Cost savings and increased profitability

With Sonar, you’ll save money. AI and machine learning will optimize your workflow, allowing you to get more done for less.

  1. Scalability and future-proofing for mortgage operations

Sonar can meet your needs whether you're a new firm or an established enterprise. The software scales with your business, so you don't have to worry about finding a new LOS later.

  1. Outstanding support and resources

The Sonar team is here to answer your questions. Our expert support staff can assist with onboarding and ongoing training when you have concerns. We also offer a wide range of resources.

Sonar LOS is a powerful loan origination platform that combines POS and PPE integration solutions with simplicity of use, customizable workflows, and advanced security. With less time spent on manual tasks and increased efficiency, you can grow profits without adding to your team. Why depend on an outdated legacy system when you can switch to Sonar LOS today? Upgrade and see the benefits.