Why do some mortgage businesses thrive while others lag? What separates the best mortgage lenders from the rest? In a competitive mortgage market, the success of your business hinges on understanding the factors that set top mortgage lenders apart. Digital transformation has become a driving force behind enhancing the loan application process.

With the rise of technology, your borrowers are smarter and more informed than ever. They can calculate payments online with ease and know how to figure out their own credit scores. In short, today’s mortgage consumer needs more than just a mortgage – they want great experiences that demonstrate your commitment to their success. A seamless digital loan application can allow borrowers to efficiently submit applications and minimize the number of applicants who abandon the loan process.

The conversion rate, or submission rate, for your mortgage origination efforts, is a critical metric for your mortgage business’ success. Simply decreasing the abandonment rate on your application page 1% to 2% can bring in substantial new revenue when you’re already driving thousands of prospective mortgage leads to your site.

Your mortgage business doesn’t have to settle for the “industry average,” though. With a few smart improvements in your digital loan process, you can combat loan abandonment and boost your submission rates, generating more revenue from the same volume of mortgage leads.

1. Enhancing User Experience / User Interface Design in Your Loan Origination System

User experience and the user interface, or UX and UI, are the foundational aspects of your loan origination system. A poorly designed UX and UI can actively hinder your conversion efforts. The first thing you can fix is your loading times and general page performance. Fast-loading, efficient loan origination software is a must in the competitive mortgage origination landscape.

A well-optimized mortgage application page should be easy to find. This might be as simple as placing a prominent call-to-action (CTA) button on your navigation menu or it might involve carefully seeding contextually relevant CTAs throughout the content of your site’s pages.

2. Mitigating Applicant or Borrower Fatigue in the Loan Origination Process

Borrower fatigue is a real challenge in the mortgage processing phase. A digital application process full of hoops to jump through and boxes to check off can quickly lead to abandonment, particularly when dealing with borrowers applying for conforming loans.

Good UI/UX design can mitigate borrower fatigue. Simply making a few small changes, like collecting only essential information or providing a progress indicator, can lead to increased application completions.By making the loan origination process smoother, you can improve the mortgage origination experience for your customers.

3. Seamlessly Integrating Your Tech Stack

Seamless tech stack integration is crucial in today’s mortgage industry. Borrowers want a seamless experience, which requires numerous different pieces of software to be well-integrated and cross-functional.

Your digital applications need to auto-populate submitted data into your mortgage CRM. Customer support tools should also be able to tap into borrower data wherever available to streamline the helpdesk process and make it easier to quickly solve applicant issues. Your mortgage business intelligence should be able to properly attribute lead sources to applicant data to improve both your marketing ROI and your ability to personalize communication.

If you’re not a tech guru, don’t tackle this stuff yourself. Use a reliable loan origination system or hire professionals who can ensure that your origination software, Desktop Underwriter, TRID calendar, and other necessary software are well-integrated and error-free.

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4. Analyzing and Addressing Application Abandonment Points

Leverage analytics tools to identify specific points in the application process where abandonment rates are high. Analyze user behavior and identify potential pain points or areas causing confusion. Make data-driven improvements to those specific steps to reduce abandonment rates and improve overall conversion.

Addressing these three factors will put you head and shoulders above most mortgage lenders, improve loan submission rates, and might even bolster your brand perception and increase customer loyalty. It will take time, effort, and investments to properly overcome these issues, but the long-term benefits will be well worth it.

Are you utilizing any of these key factors in your loan origination system? Have you discovered innovative strategies to enhance your mortgage origination and processing? We'd love to hear your ideas, and we'll gladly feature your contributions on our platform, with due credit.

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